Questions & Answers

This is the 'Questions & Answers' section of the Longmeadow website. Here you can find, listen to, and download recordings from our question and answer evenings. The files are in MP3 format and may be used or passed on without any further permission, although the copyright of each recording remains with its author.

What about tongues?

Is disability linked to sin?

How do I stop sinful thoughts?

Must you be baptised by full immersion to be saved?

Where is the line drawn between discussing a person and judging them?

If we stand firm on God's word, are we being legalistic and therefore lacking compassion?

Does praying in the spirit mean speaking in tongues?

What about being slain in the Sprit?

What is the ministry of deliverance and does the Church need this?

Why the cry of dereliction on the cross?