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This is the 'Questions & Answers' section of the Longmeadow website. Here you can find, listen to, and download recordings from our question and answer evenings. The files are in MP3 format and may be used or passed on without any further permission, although the copyright of each recording remains with its author.

How can God be eternally unchanging when Jesus only got his human nature roughly 2000 years ago?

If the word Messiah means 'Anointed', is Jesus the only Messiah?

What does eternally begotten mean How can a son come from a father who has always existed?

What does Amen mean?

What does 'Glory' mean?

What does 'Namesake' mean?

Should we believe in Ghosts?

We were told to pray like Paul. Does this mean new Christians can't pray?

Does God ever change his mind?

Proverbs - principles or promises?