Useful Links


Two Ways To Live: A simple outline of the gospel of Jesus Christ

3-2-1: Another simple outline of the gospel of Jesus Christ Resources for Christians to provide an answer to those who deny the truth of Christianity

Damaris: Provides blogs and resources to help Christians to engage with the themes and ideas explored in popular culture

Bible reading plans

Chronological reading plan: Taking you through the Bible in time-order

Daily reading plan: Gives a mix of reading some Old Testament, a Psalm and some New Testament each day

Literary reading plan: Gives a mix of types of text (poetry, history, prophecy, etc.) each day

M’Cheyne reading plan: Similar to the Daily or Literary plans, with a mix of reading each day. Over the course of a year you'll read the the New Testament and Psalms twice and the Old Testament once

Bible study

Bible Gateway: Provides multiple Bible translations

Open Up The Bible: Articles, resources, video interviews and free downloads to help develop a habit of daily Bible reading

The Gospel Coalition: Pools resources and sermons from various evangelical churches across the world

Applying the Bible more deeply The blog of the director of the FIEC, touching on Biblical, moral and cultural issues

CCEF: Equips Christians to apply the Bible to everyday personal struggles

Jubilee Centre: Thinks through how the Bible affects society at large Loads of free material for you to study theology for free

Worldwide Christian news

FIEC: News and articles from the UK churches with which we share close fellowship

Evangelicals Now: Christian newspaper online - keep up to-date with UK and World church news, plus many other articles, book reviews, etc

Open Doors: More news about and ways to help persecuted Christians around the globe

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